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CNET Tech News Articles

The world of "Star Wars" is crossing over from sci-fi to our modern-day world as technology that once required movie magic has inspired real inventions. Let's start with those cool holograms.
A team of physicists has created a film that shows what a real-life "laser bullet" would look like in action. Hint: it's not like in "Star Wars."
The carrier ups the ante again with its iPhone-leasing program that starts at $30 a month and allows customers to swap in a new device each year. The offer takes effect on November 14.

Wired Tech News Articles

Apple and Google aren't the only ones pushing for a new generation of wearables and gadgets that can monitor your health from minute to minute. The post How the XPrize Foundation Is Building Our Next-Gen Health Sensors appeared first on WIRED.
Amazon has a lot of space in its warehouses, and that's a good thing, because apparently it has a lot of phones just sitting around---specifically, Amazon's own Fire Phone. Sales of the less-than-acclaimed phone were so weak that Amazon took a $170 million loss on them last quarter, according to the company's latest earnings report. By the end of the quarter, Amazon CFO Tom Szkutak told Wall Street analysts on Thursday, Amazon still had $83 million worth of Fire Phones in inventory. The post Why Amazon Insists on Losing So Much Money on Its Phone and Streaming Video appeared first...
Flu is most dangerous to the most vulnerable---small children, the elderly, the immuno-compromised---and every responsible adult should get a flu shot to help keep the germ from spreading. Typically, this involves a trip to the doctor or a local drug store. But on Thursday, in Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C., there was another option that didn't even involve leaving the house: Uber. The post Uber Delivers Flu Shots: How On-Demand Tech Can Actually Do Good appeared first on WIRED.

Reuters Tech News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Communications Commission expects to begin the major auction of low-frequency airwaves in early 2016 instead of the previously planned mid-2015, an FCC official said in a Friday blog post.
(This Oct. 23 story has been corrected to change references to IC (interface controller) from fingerprint touch ID. This version has removed background paragraph on touch ID)
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - America Movil is not talking to anybody at this stage about a possible purchase of T-Mobile US, Chief Executive Daniel Hajj told a conference call on Friday.
STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Mobile telecoms gear maker Ericsson said on Friday a slowdown in North America created uncertainty over fourth quarter sales as operators cut spending after big investments in high-speed networks.
BEIJING (Reuters) - Apple Inc Chief Executive Tim Cook was quoted on Friday as saying he had "very open" talks on privacy and security with a senior Chinese official, days after a web monitoring group linked the government to a hack into Apple's iCloud service in China.
(Reuters) - China Telecom Corp Ltd and China Unicom Hong Kong Ltd could soon jointly invest in a new content delivery network (CDN) company that would speed up Chinese users' Internet access, a Chinese paper reported on Friday.

Rev3Tech Videos

Jon R is back to discuss various topics in and out of the tech world. On this week's episode, Jon riffs on Apple's new digital payment system, Apple Pay. It has taken a long time for digital payments to catch on. Google tried with Google Wallet but the platform failed to gain the mass market adoption that Google was hoping for. Now that Apple has entered the race, a lot more consumers and retailers are interested in the concept.
There's no question Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are popular among consumers. In addition to breaking records stateside, both devices have allegedly been a hot item overseas, too. That could equate to some incredible sales next quarter-people are still lining up for the device, which goes to show just how incredible reception has been so far.
Jon R is back to tackle more questions and queries from Buffalo readers, viewers and fans! On this episode of Ask the Buffalo, Jon tackles the most burning questions in the world of tech including why the Galaxy Note 4 might be too big to comfortably hold with one hand and what the best features are of the Surface Pro 3. Jon also tells us what he thinks of Google's newest tablet, the Nexus 9, and why buying the iPad mini 2 is a better choice than getting the recently announced iPad mini 3.
Mark L is back to tackle the biggest tech rumors of this week! On this week's episode of Rumor Roundup, Mark talks about LG upping its camera game by including a new 20.7 megapixel sensor in next year's LG G4, the next phone from Oppo, the Oppo N3, getting an upgraded dual-LED flash among several other upgraded specs, and Verizon competing against other flagship devices by releasing the carrier exclusive Motorola DROID Turbo. All this and more in this episode of Rumor Roundup!

NBC Tech Business

The Re/Code Review team's overall conclusion: Apple Pay worked smoothly and quickly in all but a very few instances.
The Vatican Library has spent the past seven months digitizing, and the first documents appeared online for free this week.
AT&T U-verse customers in several states received an erroneous emergency warning on Friday morning.
Stephen Hawking's Facebook has experienced a big bang of followers, reaching nearly 900,000 in a couple of weeks.
Going into the holiday season, hackers are ramping up their efforts to attack retailers and other businesses with point-of-sale malware.
Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook was quoted on Friday as saying he had "very open" talks on privacy and security with a senior Chinese official.


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