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About CRM and Social Societies

The TAG societies of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Social host guest panelists to explore Engaging Customers through Social:

B2B customers want to engage through social more than ever before. But can they? Yes of course...and learn how from leading B2B companies who are leading the charge, and what B2B companies could and should do to differentiate themselves with "social interaction". Help dig through the clutter to know what's hype and what's real for digital natives, digital immigrants and Generation C (connected).

Business problems related to customer interactions haven't changed. Social simply helps solve those business problems better, faster, cheaper. It's the same line of thinking that has helped marketing product management, internal communications, and even recruiting. You can't afford to not journey in to the world of social customer interactions.

A panel of professionals will lead you through pitfalls and peaks (bumps and all) of adopting a strong social B2B strategy, use of the best practices and more.


Panelists are:

Jennifer Phillips, CoreMatrix Discipline Lead for Social Enterprise Consulting Services

Roger Lopez of

Marisa Salcines, UPS Chair of Communications and Brand


To learn more about the TAG CRM Society, click here:


To learn more about the TAG Social Society, click here: