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The Hollywood Reporter Tech News

The EU found Google guilty of skewing search results to favor its own shopping services. read more
The business news startup founded by Jon Steinberg has begun broadcasting from The Bungalow in Santa Monica.read more
The dating series, which is averaging 11 million viewers, will return for a second season with Snapchat.read more
The IAC-owned company is dissolving its development team as it plans to refocus on its creator community.read more
Programming for the new platform, which is targeting Latinos, includes unscripted series starring Sebastian Villalobos and Mario Ruiz. read more

Entertainment Society

Entertainment and technology are rapidly converging.  Video over the Web and PDAs are becoming a viable platform. Greater broadband penetration is leading to networked gaming and increased use of file sharing.  Digital video production and CGI are now available on the desktop. And to support these and other advancements: a wide range of services designed to help companies in the space.

TAG Entertainment Society helps companies embrace convergence, learn about the latest trends, and find investors interested in helping them grow.  Anyone looking to create content, deliver or consume online entertainment will find membership in TAG Entertainment very helpful.  We discuss emerging technologies, new business models, bilateral investments and distribution opportunities.   

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