Tuesday, June 27th 
TAG Events > 2015 Georgia Technology Summit

Featured Speaker: Jim Chen

TAG Media Publisher » 12pm - Apr 4, 2015
At the summit, Disruptive Innovations…The Power to Inspire, Tesla’s VP of Regulatory Affairs, Jim Chen, was introduced by Dawn Patrick, Partner, Cherry Bekaert before speaking about Tesla and the industry, past, present and future.


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CNET Product Reviews

A portrait mode for selfies gives the midprice Honor 9 a little something extra.
The new Asus Zephyrus showcases Nvidia's Max-Q design, with a hidden kickstand cooling panel under a super-slim gaming laptop
Lensbaby's 85mm entry in its Velvet line renders lovely bokeh for your portrait, macro and street photography.
The second-generation Tiguan is pretty big for a compact crossover.
Bluetooth speaker manufacturer Riva Audio is branching out with a series of Chromecast-ready speakers which are available from today.

The 2015 GTS

 This year’s theme builds upon TAG’s public awareness campaign to promote Georgia’s technology industry through an emphasis on the fastest-growing tech clusters in the state, including health IT, information security, financial technology, logistics and communication services.  To learn more about the annual TAG Georgia Technology Summit (GTS), including the Top 40/Top10 most Innovative companies in Georgia awards, the State of the Industry report, the PWC Technology Hall of Fame inductee, plus special keynote and guest speakers, click here.  Stay tuned to TAG TV for the next annual event!