Tuesday, April 24th 
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As a B2B advertising automation software, Terminus helps marketers close more deals through account-based marketing, providing innovative integrations with marketing automation and CRM software as well as reporting.
2pm - May 6, 2015
The company provides virtual support that helps companies increase productivity while reducing cost, making executive administrative support accessible and transparent for solo shops to Fortune 1000 corporations.
2pm - May 6, 2015
ZeeZor extracts data from Point of Sale systems in near real time and provides a platform for engaging the entire organization via smartphone, tablet or desktop to give management real-time access to data and feedback.
2pm - May 6, 2015


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The Business Launch Competition

The Technology Association of Georgia aims to support the creation and growth of new companies that will strengthen and expand Georgia's strategic high-tech clusters. The annual Business Launch Competition event is designed to help a local start up technology-based company launch its business. The contest winner receives a $50,000 non-equity cash prize and a spot to compete in the next Venture Atlanta event, along with $350,000 in legal, marketing accounting and other professional services to the top 4 startups.  The event is TAG’s way to reward high-tech entrepreneurship and assure a deserving Georgia start-up company has everything in place to be successful.

For more information about the annual TAG Business Launch Competition event, click here.  Stay tuned to TAG TV for the next annual event!