Saturday, March 25th 
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How are mobile applications changing the way supply chains operate? How will supply chains evolve as mobility technology become less reliant on people? What are the challenges of and ideas for creating the mobile supply chain.
7pm - Sep 1, 2015
Discussion continues with moderator John Trainor, CIO, Aaron’s Inc. and panelists  Brad Cowles, CIO, HD Supply’ Puga Sankara, Co-Founder, Smart Gladiator LLC; Gururaj Rao, CEO, nuVizz Inc., Robert Ufford, Co-Founder, TrackBlue LLC.
7pm - Sep 1, 2015


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Logistics & Supply Chain

Operating a commercial vehicle is all about up-time, and MAN has come up with a radical solution to improve spare parts availability to its dealers. Christian Seemann, vice president supply chain management parts, MAN Truck & Bus AG explained the strategy to delegates at the Logistics & Supply Chain conference...
“New cross-industry platform “Manufacture 2030” has been launched by 2degrees to encourage sustainability and collaboration in global supply chains. The platform is aimed at retailers, brands and their manufacturing suppliers. The Co-operative is one of the first retailers to get involved with the programme – and it is bringing around...
Unmanaged third party risks are costing businesses upwards of £8 million, According to a survey by MetricStream, which produces governance, risk and compliance apps. It found that 21 per cent of respondents reported that their organisations faced significant risk due to third parties in the last 18 months; of those...

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