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Part One Panel

TAG Media Publisher » 7pm - Sep 1, 2015
How are mobile applications changing the way supply chains operate? How will supply chains evolve as mobility technology become less reliant on people? What are the challenges of and ideas for creating the mobile supply chain.


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Logistics & Supply Chain

Robots are now rumbling along London’s streets delivering goods to people, and the company behind the initiative will be explaining how it’s done at the Omni-Channel Conference in London in September. Sandra Sooläte, head of UK operations for Starship Technologies, will look at the future of robotics in logistics; the...
World leading robotics and automation suppliers are lining up to exhibit at the Robotics & Automation Exhibition which takes place at the Milton Keynes Arena on 11-12th October. The event offers visitors the opportunity to discover how the latest technologies can improve efficiency, and reduce costs. These are just some...
The supply chain is experiencing a rather severe labour deficit – and it doesn’t look like it’s about to recover any time soon. In fact, according to The World Bank, the global problem is going either to remain the same, or in the worst-case scenario, deteriorate even further over the...

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