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Marc Lautenbach, President & CEO, Pitney Bowes, Inc., delivers a speech on “The Anatomy of Transformation” starting with the statistic that only 30% of transformations meet the business objectives.  Learn more.  
12pm - Oct 28, 2016
Finalists: Douglas Wilson, Dir., Global Applications, CP Kelco; James Wright, VP, Corporate Services, GreyStone Power Corp.; Patrick Kinsella, VP, Technology & Transformation, Onepath.  Who won?
7pm - Nov 7, 2016
Jay Poole, Sr VP, Wholesale Operations, SunTrust Bank; Matthew Beucker, Program Devel Mgr, Meetings, Worldwide Sales, IHG; Josh Agee, Dir, Operational Excellence, Client Experience, Cox Automotive.  Winner?
7pm - Nov 7, 2016
A video documenting outgoing President and CEO of TAG Tino Mantella activities for the last 12 historic years covers the rise of TAG from a failing organization to become one of the largest technology organizations in the US.
6pm - Nov 8, 2016
Michael Robertson, Executive Director, TAG Education Collaborative, explains the mission and activities of TAG Ed, making an announcement for the just-announced Tino Mantella Summer Coding Camp for under-served students. 
6pm - Nov 8, 2016


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Excalibur Awards

The TAG Excalibur Awards, hosted in collaboration with TAG’s Business & Technology Alliance society, recognizes the companies and organizations throughout Georgia that demonstrate the best use of technology, typically provided by a third-party, to solve complex business problems. A tech-enabled company may also develop its own non-commercial technology solutions to enhance the business. Judging is based upon the complexity of the problem, creativity of the solution and the return on investment business result.

For more information about the annual TAG Excalibur Awards event, click here.