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FinTech Symposium Co-Chairs Sarah Arvin, SVP, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Worldpay US; Jim Russell, Director, PwC; and FinTech Society Chair Sean Banks, Partner, TTV Capital.
12pm - Feb 20, 2016
Speaker: Haskell Garfinkel, Partner, PwC explores Major Trends/Georgia Specifics, Culture of Innovation, Disruptor Radar, and New Research on Georgia’s FinTech Ecosystem
6pm - Feb 19, 2016
Competitive Responses to Disruptive Models: Jason Oxman, SVP, CEO, ETA; Steve Karp, President, SBU, Worldpay US; Wally Mlynarski, SVP, Elavon; Manning Smith, Head of Strategy, TSYS; Frank Young, SVP, Global Payments.
7pm - Feb 19, 2016
Moderated by Chris Millner, Principal, North Highland, three finalists present their companies to the audience who will vote via mobile devices.
9am - Feb 20, 2016
Presented by: Richard Kopelman, CEO & Managing Partner, Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP to recipient: Brooks Smith, Founder & CEO, InComm.
9am - Feb 20, 2016


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Financial Technologies News

Leading identity confirmation provider HooYu has partnered with Glint to verify customer identity an...
Yolt, the smart thinking money app owned by ING, has become the first app to successfully complete t...
Digital Financial Services Lab (DFS Lab), a fintech accelerator funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates...
The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced additional fraud charges stemming from an inv...
Acorns Australia has rebranded to Raiz Invest, a move that follows the company’s announcement in Feb...

About FinTech & the TAG Society

  • Georgia FinTech companies have produced more than $83 billion of shareholder value since 1995.
  • Georgia FinTech company revenues are more than $34 billion annually, which places us third in the nation behind New York and California?
  • Together the banking, insurance and capital markets consistently spend more on technology than any other industry?

Atlanta, along with the surrounding areas of Georgia, has evolved to become the epicenter of a growing segment of the financial services industry - a sector often known as Financial Technologies, or FinTech.  This sector encompasses the product and service companies that support the technology needs of the financial services industry and, ultimately, the payment-processing infrastructure ofthe economy. 

TAG FinTech was formed in early 2010 to focus on the specific needs of companies, individuals and investors serving the financial industry both domestically and abroad.

Visit TAG Fintech's community group page here: http://www.tagonline.org/chapters-and-societies/fintech/

Click to view a map of Georgia's FinTech companies: http://www.wheregeorgialeads.com/fintech/

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