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Kyle Tothill, eHire Partner & Managing Director and Sales Leadership Society Chair moderates the introduction and Jon Birdsong, WideAngle CEO, details the society’s Mentorship Program.
12pm - Dec 21, 2016
Kyle Porter, Founder and CEO of SalesLoft, delivers a dynamic presentation on what it takes to build a high-velocity sales organization, having built one that went from $0 to $6 million AAR in less than 3 years.
12pm - Dec 21, 2016
Moderated by Barbara Giamanco, Social Centered Selling. Panelists: Tyce Miller, MobileMind CEO, Brian Simms, Rubicon Global Chief Sales Officer and Wanda Truxillo, World Motors1 DBA MotorQueen Chief Revenue Officer.
12pm - Dec 21, 2016
Kyle Tothill, eHire Partner & Managing Director and Sales Leadership Society Chair moderates the introduction and member Jon Birdsong, CEO, WideAngle gives a Mentorship Program update.  
5pm - Sep 26, 2016
“Deadly Sins of Sales Leadership & What to Do About It” is presented by Mark McGraw, President & Owner, Sales Engine LLC, A Sandler Training Company.
3pm - Sep 26, 2016


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Sales and Marketing News

Author: Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales, Outreach Unlike most professions, sales has a standard that literally dictates success or failure. It’s called quota. The ability to hit quota on a consistent basis is a requirement of success, and the key is understanding how to predict what revenue number one will end...
Author: Sean K. MurphyIn sales, you look for every competitive edge. So recent developments in the field of psychology that point to intrinsic motivations as the key to peak creativity and performance could help sales professionals. First it’s important to understand what motivations are and how they work. There are two major...
Author: Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy and Research Officer, Corporate VisionsWhen it comes to enabling salespeople to be great “in the moment” across the different types of selling situations they face, the technology is there. That’s the good news. The bad news: Messaging content and skills training approaches are not always present. The...
Author: Nathan WakefieldEmail marketing can be a very important tool to use for your business. This can be especially relevant to small B2B online marketers who are trying to keep their customers informed about promotions and new products to maintain lasting purchasing relationships. As you begin creating a system for a customer...
Author: Hunter Montgomery, CMO, Higher LogicBusinesses increasingly rely on online communities as a vital channel for communicating with customers and giving customers a chance to connect with each other. Yet, according to a recent study, “The Business Impact of Online Communities” conducted by Leader Networks, marketers are at the helm of...
Author: Ray Kemper, Chief Marketing Officer, TeleverdeCustomer relationships. They’re the engine that fuels successful selling, right? Well, not always. In fact, good customer relationships are usually the result of a good sales engagement. You’ve demonstrated your ability to provide a superior solution and value while showing you’re the right fit for...

TAG Sales Leadership Society

The TAG Sales Leadership Society serves executive sales management professionals and sales operations leaders in the Georgia Technology Community.   The society endeavors to create and cultivate a community of resources and relationships for sales leaders and sales operations professionals to collaborate, learn, discover and leverage significant trends, enabling them to best navigate complex business challenges that are impacting sales organizations. The society’s vision is to be the premier point of connection within TAG and the Greater Georgia Business community for Sales Leaders to collaborate, network, discover and share.  The mission is to create a valuable and sustainable programmatic ecosystem that educates the business community and cultivates sales leadership and sales operational centers of excellence across Georgia.

Society Members & Attendees:
Executive Sales Managers and Leaders
Sales Operations Executives and Leaders
Future Sales and Sales Operations Leaders
Sales Focused Vendors and other supporting stakeholders within Sales Organizations  
Accomplished Sales Leaders willing to provide mentorship to ambitious sales executives
Companies willing to have their employees benefit from this ongoing learning & contributing experience.
Companies with a desire to increase their brand awareness with key leaders in the GA business community.

For more information, visit the TAG society page: