Saturday, September 23rd 
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Dawn Patrick, Cherry Bekaert Partner introduces Caleb Harper, Principal Investigator and direction of the Open Agriculture Initiative at the MIT Media Lab who delivers the keynote speech. 
6pm - Apr 12, 2017
Toby Krout, Managing Director Boomtown Accelerator, in partnership with Comcast NBCUniversal, announces the launch of a Start Up Accelerator in Atlanta, the first Boomtown outside of the Boulder, CO headquarters.
6pm - Apr 12, 2017
The next Top 10 Most Innovative Company Winners, Cybraics, Terminus, Pindrop and Roadie, make presentations about their companies.
6pm - Apr 12, 2017
Dennis Zakas, Chairman of the TAG Top 40/10 Committee introduces interesting innovations that don’t qualify for Top 40 status because they have no commercial value yet: Foxtail Games, Emory’s Drive and Georgia FIRST.
5pm - Apr 12, 2017
Top 40 Committee member John Wilson reflects on the Top 10 process and findings, including where Georgia stands now as a technology Community.
5pm - Apr 12, 2017


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CNET Product Reviews

Volvo's all-new SUV, the XC40, focuses on preventing crashes and shows a new direction in Volvo design.
Lexus' new coupe has gorgeous styling and serious performance capability in a (slightly) more practical 2+2 coupe body.
The BackBeat Fit 300 Series is a mostly well-designed Bluetooth sports headphone that costs $80.
Three new Lifx Mini smart bulbs go on sale tomorrow, and all three work with Apple HomeKit.
Google Glass for your helmet sounds good in theory, but in practice it's a bit lacking.

The 2017 GTS

 This year’s theme builds upon TAG’s public awareness campaign to promote Georgia’s technology industry through an emphasis on the fastest-growing tech clusters in the state, including health IT, information security, financial technology, logistics and communication services.  To learn more about the annual TAG Georgia Technology Summit (GTS), including the Top 40/Top10 most Innovative companies in Georgia awards, the State of the Industry report, the PWC Technology Hall of Fame inductee, plus special keynote and guest speakers, click here.  Stay tuned to TAG TV for the next annual event!