Wednesday, August 23rd 
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Kyle Tothill, eHire Partner & Managing Director and Sales Leadership Society Chair moderates an introduction and Chris Watkins details the society’s Mentorship Program.  
5pm - May 21, 2017
Mike Drapeau, SBI Partner delivers a keynote: Sales Org Design: What is the “Right” Sales Structure? Learn how top sales leaders design, build and structure their organizations to best serve disparate customer segments and new markets.
4pm - May 21, 2017
Tom Thomason, SVP of Revenue, Parkmobile; Andrew Somoza, President, uBack; John Smith, Chief Sales Officer at CareerBuilder begin with the first question: How do you know when to stop hiring reps when trying to expand your sales force?
4pm - May 21, 2017


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Sales and Marketing News

Author:  Jeff MowattWhen organizations invite me to speak at their conferences or train their team members, we start with trends that are impacting their customer relationships. Here are four customer service trends along with some tips for capitalizing on them to boost your business. 1. Good service is wallpaper Today's customers are...
Author: SMM staffThis summer’s Fourth of July weekend marked the two-year anniversary of the Grateful Dead’s “Fare Thee Well” three-night curtain call at Wrigley Field in Chicago. The surviving members of the band, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh and drummers Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann, continue to play and tour in various...
Author: Frank Visgatis, President and Chief Operating Officer, CustomerCentric Selling Whether making cold or warm calls in trying to find new opportunities, it can be a humbling experience for salespeople. My definition of prospecting is trying to take prospects from latent to active need. Another way to phrase that is to say...
Author: Tony MedranoDiscovering how to efficiently locate, convert, up-sell and retain top customers are critical success metrics for any growing company. The best customers make four times as many purchases (Source). The top 1 percent of clients spend five times more per order than the bottom 90 percent. Most leaders of...
Author: Peter Gillett, CEO, ZuantSince the dawn of marketing, tradeshow and other in-person events have been the largest items in the B2B marketing budget, often exceeding more than 50 percent of the total budget. And yet, have you ever seen an ROI report on tradeshow activity proving this huge investment is...
Author: Mark MagnaccaA distributed workplace is increasingly becoming the norm in most organizations, particularly with sales and marketing departments – a trend that is enabled in part by technology advancements that have made it viable, though not necessarily ideal, for teams to work together while being geographically dispersed. Despite the investment...

TAG Sales Leadership Society

The TAG Sales Leadership Society serves executive sales management professionals and sales operations leaders in the Georgia Technology Community.   The society endeavors to create and cultivate a community of resources and relationships for sales leaders and sales operations professionals to collaborate, learn, discover and leverage significant trends, enabling them to best navigate complex business challenges that are impacting sales organizations. The society’s vision is to be the premier point of connection within TAG and the Greater Georgia Business community for Sales Leaders to collaborate, network, discover and share.  The mission is to create a valuable and sustainable programmatic ecosystem that educates the business community and cultivates sales leadership and sales operational centers of excellence across Georgia.

Society Members & Attendees:
Executive Sales Managers and Leaders
Sales Operations Executives and Leaders
Future Sales and Sales Operations Leaders
Sales Focused Vendors and other supporting stakeholders within Sales Organizations  
Accomplished Sales Leaders willing to provide mentorship to ambitious sales executives
Companies willing to have their employees benefit from this ongoing learning & contributing experience.
Companies with a desire to increase their brand awareness with key leaders in the GA business community.

For more information, visit the TAG society page: