Thursday, March 22nd 
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After an opening video, Kyle Tothill, Managing Director, Partner, eHire introduces TAG President and CEO Larry Williams who delivers opening remarks for the 2018 Sales Leadership Awards event held on February 22 at the Buckhead Club.  
3pm - Mar 2, 2018
A video about the Sales Leadership Society is followed by an overview of the Society by Kyle Tothill and  Barb Giamanco, Social Centered Selling, and a thanks to the event sponsors.  
3pm - Mar 2, 2018
After an introduction by Sales Leadership Mentor Program Leader Chris Watkins, the keynote is delivered by Pat Falotico, CEO Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership who speaks about servant leadership and sales leadership.
3pm - Mar 2, 2018
The finalists and award winner is announced for the category: Sales Leader Large, 800 Plus Sales Employees and/or Less than $500 Million Annual Recurring Revenue.
3pm - Mar 2, 2018
The finalists and award winner is announced for the category: Sales Leader Medium, 150 to 799 Sales Employees and/or $50 to $500 Million Annual Recurring Revenue.
3pm - Mar 2, 2018


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Sales and Marketing News

Author: Matthew SunshineMore than 40 percent of salespeople claim that lead prospecting is often more difficult than qualifying and closing the actual deal. This could be why so many salespeople struggle with lead generation and instead spend much of their time on current business. But difficulty and a lack of time are...
Author: Kevin McGirl, President, sales-i The supply chain is the engine of the global economy. When products don’t move smoothly and seamlessly between manufacturer and end-user, they become exponentially harder to bring to market. Too often, the supply chain’s importance is overlooked – as are the challenges inherent to forging good...
Author: Sabrina FerraioliWould you like to increase your company’s profits by 25 percent or more this year? If so, that’s a lofty goal. It may surprise you, however, that to reach that objective, you don’t have to chase after any leads. You don’t even need to land a single new customer. According to...
Author: Vaughn AustDefining leads that matter is key to any sales and marketing strategy, but how do you pinpoint those golden customers? After all, it may not be about processing more data, but rather truly understanding what the data means once you have it. Predictive analytics uses data correlation to understand...
Author: Tim HoulihanIs HR telling you your millennial sales reps don’t like their incentive plans? Are you really going to have a different incentive for the 26-year-old white female than the one for the 45-year-old Asian male? Fact: Reps are complex and the psychological underpinnings that lead them to engage change over...
Author: Jim Valenti, Raul GarciaWhen it comes to rewards, an individual’s life stage dictates what drives them. Google “Millennial generation” and you’ll get over 28 million hits. Business began thinking about Millennials long before they first entered the workforce around 2000. And with good reason, they are the largest, most diverse, highest-educated...

TAG Sales Leadership Society

The TAG Sales Leadership Society serves executive sales management professionals and sales operations leaders in the Georgia Technology Community.   The society endeavors to create and cultivate a community of resources and relationships for sales leaders and sales operations professionals to collaborate, learn, discover and leverage significant trends, enabling them to best navigate complex business challenges that are impacting sales organizations. The society’s vision is to be the premier point of connection within TAG and the Greater Georgia Business community for Sales Leaders to collaborate, network, discover and share.  The mission is to create a valuable and sustainable programmatic ecosystem that educates the business community and cultivates sales leadership and sales operational centers of excellence across Georgia.

Society Members & Attendees:
Executive Sales Managers and Leaders
Sales Operations Executives and Leaders
Future Sales and Sales Operations Leaders
Sales Focused Vendors and other supporting stakeholders within Sales Organizations  
Accomplished Sales Leaders willing to provide mentorship to ambitious sales executives
Companies willing to have their employees benefit from this ongoing learning & contributing experience.
Companies with a desire to increase their brand awareness with key leaders in the GA business community.

For more information, visit the TAG society page: