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2015 FinTech (11 videos)
2015 GTS (10 videos)
The new TAG society, Sales Leadership, held its first event in May 2015 with a keynote by Kyle Porter, Founder and CEO of SalesLoft who delivered a presentation, Software is Eating the World: The Modern Sales Stack. An expert panel discussion...
2016 FinTech (11 videos)
The FinTech GA Symposium brings together innovative pacesetters in FinTech for profound, content-rich dialogue and networking opportunities, while showcasing senior-level speakers that generate rich, ground-breaking discussions. The symposium will...
2016 GTS (22 videos)
A keynote on Three Strategies to Drive Salesforce Engagement was delivered by speaker Jon Birdsong, CEO, WideAngle, followed by a panel of accomplished executives from WideAngle, Dell SecureWorks, Salesforce, Force Marketing and eHire.
2017 FinTech (26 videos)
2017 GTS (17 videos)
TAG Social is about succeeding and thriving in what TAG Social board member Paul E Miller of McKesson calls “the new world of work.” The way people communicate, the way meetings are conducted, the way information is stored and shared have all...