Sunday, April 22nd 
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Presenters: Sean Banks, Partner, TTV Capital & Society Chair; Tino Mantella, TAG President; Cherie Fuzzell, Parkmobile CEO & Event Co-chair, Maribel Herrera, Global Strategic Partnerships VP & Event Co-Chair
10am - Feb 27, 2015
Panel on: Latest Developments in Customer Experience, the Balance of Power and Risk/Regulation.  Explore the importance of a seamless consumer experience as the industry experiences exciting changes.
4am - Feb 27, 2015
Sean Banks, Partner, TTV Capital & Society Chair explains the FinTech CapVenture initiative as a unique and powerful training program to educate and equip early stage company executives regarding capitalization.
2am - Feb 27, 2015
Panel on: Connected and Cashless.  What is the Internet of Things in the home and at work?  How companies thrive on not as technology changes.  What Is the real value of the IOT?  And, more.
3am - Feb 27, 2015
The Ecosystem White Paper created upon the founding of the FinTech society is explained. With a goal of defining FinTech and payment processing industry in Georgia, it is designed to reach out locally and internationally.  Learn more.
1am - Feb 27, 2015