Saturday, April 21st 
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The Sales Leadership Society event keynote speaker, Steve Richard, Co-Founder of VorsightBP speaks on How to Build an A+ Sales Team from Strategy to Execution.
7pm - Nov 11, 2015
Fred Reynaud, EMC Federation, Global Solutions Lead - USA South; Junior Gaspard, SVP of Product, Marketing and Sales, Experience; Kyle Porter, CEO, SalesLoft; Jeff Miller, VP of North America Sales, Hortonworks
6pm - Nov 11, 2015
Kyle Porter, Founder and CEO of SalesLoft delivers a presentation, Software is Eating the World:The Modern Sales Stack.
6pm - Nov 11, 2015
Jon Birdsong, Rivalry CEO; Gavin Harris, Airwatch Director of Global Sales Enablement & Operations; Derek Grant, Fullstory Sales VP; Genesis Crowder, Rentpath Sales Development Manager; Kyle Porter, SalesLoft CEO & Founder.
5pm - Nov 11, 2015