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Learn insights on the role of human capital leadership, in a global digital economy supercharged with rapid pace and fierce competition, to promote an execution-driven culture to help fuel a company's continued success.  
6pm - Feb 26, 2015
This year’s 2015 Georgia Technology Summit keynote speaker will build on the event theme of disruptive innovation while exploring the disruptive technology that is transforming automobile manufacturing and distribution. Learn more.  
5pm - Feb 23, 2015
Explore governance risk and compliance (GRC), how to detect issues early and correct unethical or illegal behavior to create better more ethical workplaces via an enterprise-level technology solution.
10am - Feb 17, 2015
Today’s exploration of the future of IT solutions and staffing business development, with a focus on healthcare, technology and project management, will be a major element to a long-term competitive advantage.  Learn more.
1pm - Feb 12, 2015
Learn from the author of The Amazon Way: 14 Leadership Principles Behind the World's Most Disruptive Company and an expert on digital disruption who assists clients in executing new strategies for the new digital economies.
5pm - Feb 5, 2015


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This year has been a terrible one for wildfires. Millions of acres in Montana, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas and North Carolina and South Carolina have been damaged. There was the fire in California that killed 44 people and burned thousands of homes and businesses in wine country in October. And now,...
The Federal Communications Commission will vote to eliminate net neutrality rules this week. Despite concerns about the integrity of the comment period, FCC chairman Ajit Pai told us the vote will happen Dec. 14. The net neutrality rules, created under the Obama administration, prevent internet service providers like Verizon or...
Bitcoin has had quite a few days. Its price soared to more than $15,000. And as of this week, investors can trade bitcoin futures on the public market — the Chicago Board Options Exchange launched bitcoin futures yesterday, and today's the first full day of trading. What's behind the incredible...

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