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The 2015 Atlanta Science Festival, a week-long celebration March 21-28, will be held city wide, featuring hands on activities, exhibits, facility tours and stage shows.  Find out how to participate, attend or become a sponsor.
6pm - Jan 19, 2015
Explore virtualized services in cloud computing, from security to compliance, and the competitive performance to not only maintain your position in the marketplace but to grow in the face of new opportunities.    
12pm - Jan 16, 2015
The Georgia Technology Summit in March will feature this senior lecturer in leadership and innovation at the MIT Sloan School of Mgmt and author of The Innovator’s DNA: Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators.  Learn more.  
6pm - Jan 12, 2015
Just how will the Internet of Things evolve and what is the next level of evolution in global delivery model?  Find out from an executive of a worldwide digital transformation consulting and business reengineering company.
7pm - Jan 8, 2015
Explore TAG Ed’s accomplishments in 2014 and a look into the future for the collaborative that promotes science, technology, engineering and math programs to students that will be crucial to Georgia’s future economy.
11am - Jan 6, 2015


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The Equifax security breach that affected nearly half of all Americans has left us with a lot of questions, like how did we get here? And where do we go from here to protect our data? And now, Congress wants answers. It sent the company a letter asking it to...
When a city becomes a tech hub, it usually also becomes a bubble: a housing bubble, a pay bubble and an industry bubble, to name a few. The tech world talks about these bubbles like they’re inevitable. But what if they weren’t? Glenn Kelman, CEO of the real estate site...
First, a confession. I make no secret of my love of all things space. I read space sci-fi; I eagerly consume movies and TV set in space (no matter the quality, sometimes); I occasionally cry when anthropomorphized little Mars rovers die all alone on the windy red planet. That kind...

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