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Explore TAG Ed’s accomplishments in 2014 and a look into the future for the collaborative that promotes science, technology, engineering and math programs to students that will be crucial to Georgia’s future economy.
11am - Jan 6, 2015
Listen to the 2014 annual year-end Tech Talk, now a decade old tradition, and explore an unprecedented year of growth, success and fellowship along with the exciting changes in store for 2015.     
5pm - Dec 22, 2014
A security thought leader discusses cyber insecurity and solutions as well as the 2015 legislative session, in which TAG takes a leadership position to create a cyber security study committee in Georgia.
7pm - Dec 18, 2014
How has the IT and Workforce Solutions business evolved?  Hear from the top executive of company ranked 16th among the largest staffing firms in the US which provides IT services to Fortune 500 companies globally.
6pm - Dec 11, 2014
Explore the many changes in the healthcare industry affecting your company, the biggest driver for improving health care delivery and whether U.S. health care is or will remain the best available in the world.
6pm - Dec 8, 2014


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MarketPlace Tech Radio

Right now, states and cities decide if and how they want autonomous vehicles on their streets. But the U.S. Senate is considering a measure that would standardize the rules of the road and let automakers sell more vehicles with self-driving capabilities over the next three years. The House of Representatives...
The economics of the tech industry is a chain with a bunch of confusing links. Startups get their money from venture capital firms, and we've talked about how that works and why it heavily influences who becomes key players in tech and what products end up in your hands. But...
Microsoft recently confirmed that its Windows Phone operating system is over and done. That means when it's time to buy a new smartphone, there are basically only two operating systems a consumer can choose from: iOS or Android. The two have a sort of duopoly on the smartphone market. Apple released the...

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Tech Talk radio has been on TAG TV since 2007!  For hundreds of shows not populated in this 2013 site, please see the archives: click here.

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Who’s who and what’s hot in Atlanta’s technology community?  Listen to interviews with local professionals and executives conducted on Tech Talk.  From Google to the Atlanta Development Authority, Frank Baia interviews the CEOs, presidents, CIOs and CTOs in the know.  It’s all here on TAG TV and Radio, plus there are two new convenient ways to listen to or download Tech Talk via RSS or subscription to iTunes.  Never miss an episode whether in the office or on the go.

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