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Listen along as host Globalspeak President Frank Baia and the guests discuss why the Internet of Things (IoT) is important to all businesses and governments plus the upcoming TAG IoT event on August 31. 
8pm - Jul 24, 2017
What trends are happening with the adoption of public vs. a private cloud?  What are the biggest challenges organizations are encountering as they move to a public cloud, and what are the defining characteristics of enterprise cloud?
6pm - Jun 29, 2017
What are some of most pressing cybersecurity topics facing us today?  What can you tell us about the National Technology Security Coalition and what is it focused on right now?
6pm - Jun 26, 2017
The co-chair of the 7th Annual TAG Diversity Leadership Awards event on June 27 discusses the purpose of the event, what to expect this year and how to attend. 
6pm - Jun 22, 2017
What was the genesis of this TAG Corporate Development event on June 27 featuring an executive from SecureWorks.  Who will be on the panel, and what are some topics?
2pm - Jun 20, 2017