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Why is 2017 the “Year of the Internet of Things (IoT)?”  Why is IoT technology on the verge of rapid deployment?  How will the Internet of Things (IoT) impact different industries? Learn more.  
4pm - Feb 2, 2017
What does collaboration mean for an organization in 2017?  What technology trends are occurring in collaboration right now? Where will collaboration evolve over the next 12-36 months?  
4pm - Jan 30, 2017
Marketing, media and messaging have gone through extreme disruption and change.  Where has it come since 2010, and where are digital marketing or digital solutions going now?
3pm - Jan 26, 2017
Along with guest host Globalspeak President Frank Baia, explore the future of telecommunications for Georgia.  How do unified communications and unified messaging play a role?
6pm - Jan 23, 2017
Why is nuclear power so important to Georgia’s economic growth and productivity?  Why is the solar industry growing so fast in Georgia? Are electric vehicles making a comeback in GA? Learn more.
5pm - Jan 12, 2017