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Learn more about the TAG Financial Technology Society and Atlanta’s prominence in the FinTech industry as well as the upcoming February 9 FinTech Symposium speakers, awards and more.     
5pm - Jan 9, 2017
Learn more about Rigor: the underlying business problems that the company helps customers solve, how it’s innovating its market and how it will evolve over the next years. 
5pm - Dec 26, 2016
Along with guest host Globalspeak President Frank Baia, explore the NTSC, its mission, vision, and goals as well as the value proposition for CISOs nationwide who join the NTSC.  
7pm - Dec 19, 2016
With wireless taking over the normal medium for voice, data and video, why is fiber--specifically dark fiber--still important for enterprise, government, carriers and wireless providers?  Plus more.  
6pm - Dec 12, 2016
What technology decisions should associations/non-profits consider when planning for 2017?  How can associations modernize their operations and improve membership engagement?  What about funding?  
7pm - Dec 8, 2016