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Learn more about automation’s impact on talent acquisition.  What are the top essentials for a talent strategy?  Why is globally positioned talent important?  What will be the relationship between people and machines?  
5pm - Sep 7, 2017
Along with host Globalspeak President Frank Baia, learn more about the significance and relationships of 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), AI, Machine Learning and the concerns of security breaches.
11pm - Aug 31, 2017
Why is there a significant disconnect between the business and IT groups within organizations? Why is design even more important as Agile becomes mainstream in IT?  OneSpring advocates rapid prototyping. Why is this beneficial?
4pm - Aug 28, 2017
Learn more about the Buckhead Club and its mission, benefits, membership and environment including whether the membership work space is a collaborative environment. 
8pm - Aug 21, 2017
How does CBRE measure tech talent?  What makes Atlanta a top tech talent market?  Why is being named a tech talent market meaningful?  How does Atlanta compare to other markets? Learn more.
6pm - Aug 7, 2017