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Welcome to the newly launched TAG TV and Radio for 2013! 

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Technology Industry “Gets It” with State Wide Community-Focused Internet TV Portal
TAG TV at features originally produced Technology Association of Georgia live and on-demand events and programs, weekly audio broadcasts, a unique selection of technology-industry focused videos as well as text and video RSS feeds as a state wide technology media portal for business professionals.  A collaborative between the Technology Association of Georgia and Globalspeak, TAG TV offers a diverse selection of programs, including
•    once a year hours-long segmented video event specials such as the Georgia Technology Summit,
•    TAG Society event video presentations such as the FinTech summit,
•    twice weekly 15 minute Tech Talk Radio shows hosted by TAG President Tino Mantella interviewing Georgia’s technology thought leaders from such companies as Google, AT&T, The Weather Channel and more,
•    a daily show (usually 3-10 minutes) on WebVisions featuring hard to find technology news and information-related YouTube videos each week day, Monday through Friday. 

Plus, utilizing RSS feeds from technology experts around the World Wide Web, the TAG TV portal also is constantly fed other technology-related text and video content, featuring popular shows such as Wired and CNET daily feed articles and video content from ABC, Reuters and Teckzilla News for online technology news and information viewing – all on one focused state wide portal. 

“Georgia’s technology industry gets it,” states Technology Association of Georgia President Tino Mantella, “and the response both in positive comments and audience has been far greater than we ever anticipated.”  He continues, “a daily dose of WebVisions and current new localized TAG TV programming keeps Georgia’s business community interested in technology -- which drives everything -- up to date!”  Additional TAG online TV and radio content will expand rapidly with fast track implementation of regular programming from an exclusive relationship with the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) and its 31 TAG Societies.  Along with the primary home network portal web site, a virtual state wide affiliate network will be offered individual audio and video channels on the TAG TV network portal and also to chambers and economic development-related agencies for feeding news and information into TAG TV portal.        
State wide virtual networking capabilities are planned for the future, through a Community section where technology professionals can create extensive company and personal identities for sharing and searching, will include text and peer-to-peer audio and video.  Soon, any technology professional anywhere in Georgia will be able to find the right contact in the TAG TV Community.
The ultimate on-demand virtual networking tool, live face-to-face Internet-based conferencing using Web cams in an online conference room, will be available soon for instant meeting, greeting and collaboration.  Whether in Savannah, Augusta, Columbus, Athens, Dalton or Atlanta, technology professionals will be connected and informed using TAG TV’s best of breed and advanced Web 2.0 tools.  For even more… stay tuned!
TAG and the Globalspeak Connection = TAG TV

TAG TV is a managed media multi channel provided by Globalspeak.  Globalspeak’s FuzeEditor content management system for creating media channels uses open source technology to construct the customizable digital distribution platform for presenting video, audio and text news and information to a target audience.  FuzeEditor offers powerful content integration and repurposing capabilities within a 100% reliable and secure hosted infrastructure while Globalspeak performs all platform content updates and maintenance.  The client, the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), enjoys the benefits of providing the service of up-to-the-minute news and information to its members and visitors as well as the helpful products and services from advertisers while also being identified as a thought leader in the technology industry.


According the Fast Company magazine, thought leadership can be as valuable to a brand as the products and services it sells.  Among Fast Company’s golden rules of company thought leadership are: give it away freely to the audience, make your audience feel smarter because they learned from you, and help the audience with their life or work.  It is also important to create a new and innovative context for the company separate from the corporate information, as well as considering thought leadership with perseverance and dedication as a campaign.


With FuzeEditor and Globalspeak managed services, associations and enterprises can start publishing immediately across all digital media mediums.  All services are provided by Globalspeak, from appealing channel platform design and easy site navigation to user engagement via RSS and social media.  Channel visitors experience, not static pages, but interactivity and involvement featuring industry news and information coupled with your current or newly created video and audio content (which Globalspeak can produce for you). 


Globalspeak Managed Digital Content Services:

  • Controls your production and operation costs

With Globalspeak managed services, handling the design, installation, maintenance and support of your digital multi-channel media platform, production and operation expenditures are controllable and greatly reduced.

  • Frees up capital and increase your business flexibility

By reducing the cost of your IT infrastructure, Globalspeak managed services gives your company the freedom to invest in new projects and activities or bolster current initiatives.

  • Provides peace of mind

Because Globalspeak managed services monitors your multi-channel platform’s operations, your company is not responsible for monitoring the distribution platform that must operate correctly 24/7.

  • Customizes the multi-channel solution for your company and audience

The completely customized solution for your target audience information needs is always up to date, delivering information as it happens, to engage audiences to return every day.

  • Establishes thought leadership as well as a competitive edge

With an innovative multi-channel solution comes recognition as a thought leader but also gives the audience an experience your competitors are not.


About TAG
The Technology Association of Georgia is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support its members by generating opportunities for personal, professional and business growth. By forging strategic alliances, TAG serves as a primary catalyst to foster a rich environment for economic development in Georgia's technology community. TAG is made up of more than 20,000 members representing technology leaders from over 1700 Georgia-based companies, affiliated technology and business organizations. For more information on TAG, visit: .

About Globalspeak
Since 1996, Globalspeak, the exclusive producer of TAG TV and TAG Radio, has pioneered cutting edge new media marketing communications platforms. Utilizing advanced Internet video and audio technology for government agencies, organizations and corporations, Globalspeak has been at the forefront of the Media 2.0 technology evolution.  Beginning with one of the first live streaming media broadcasts over the World Wide Web in 1998 for the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC), “Doing Business with Friendly Neighbors: Mexico and Canada” – an accomplishment that is documented on the DOC Hall of Fame in Washington, D.C. -- and live streaming on the first World Trade Organization (WTO) ministerial from Seattle, Washington to a worldwide Internet audience in 1999, hundreds of subsequent client projects have included virtual collaboration environments, corporate Webcast presentations, live trade networks, virtual venture forums and current virtual trade shows for various industries. Client virtual environments often include on-location mobile studios presenting live or on-demand custom-produced Internet television programs shown to a registered audience, followed by a live question and answer session with experts from around the world in an online conferencing room broadcasting via Webcams.  Globalspeak creates unique solutions for any communication or collaboration challenge and recently introduced FuzeEditor, the ideal solution for content managed digital media multi-channels.  Globalspeak video production, multi-media and new media expertise helps companies and organizations realize the promise of the Internet to syndicate or monetize branded content, drive business response, collaborate or create new revenue streams without adding unnecessary IT infrastructure or expense. Learn more about Globalspeak: